Trace minerals are essential to maintain animal performance, fertility, well-being, and immunity. Optimin organic trace minerals are protected and easily absorbed, minimising risk of malnutrition. Optimin supports optimal mineral status in animals contributing to the well-being and improved performance. A good quality, bioavailable trace mineral source can reduce variability in the herd leading to better overall profits.

Full range of high-quality organic trace minerals

  • Optimin is the brand name of a full-range product line of organic trace minerals, developed and marketed by animal nutrition specialists.
  • Optimin is produced using natural ingredients in a dedicated facility.
  • FAMI-QS certified quality controls ensure quality, safety, performance, and traceability for Optimin consumers worldwide.


  • Optimin is a valuable source of bioavailable trace mineral that can benefit production and companion animals.
  • Optimin supports an animal's ability to overcome numerous stressful nutritional and physiological conditions including infections, climatic stress, reproductive issues, difficult digestive conditions and many more.
  • Optimin can be used for partial or total replacement of inorganic minerals and other organic minerals to improve availability and utilisation of minerals.

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