Innovation: Market driven and Science based

In Animal Nutrition research we have four major focus areas for innovation:


  • Services and models for quantitative nutritions
  • Optimised feed value and predictable performance
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  • Feed additives for production efficiency
  • Reducing emissions

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  • Supporting intestinal health
  • Nutritional solutions for transactions goods.

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  • Young animal feed
  • Young animal vitality and later life performance

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Life start

Life Start Sets Life Performance


We continue to help producers invest in future performance through optimised nutrition of young calves in the early stages of their life, which has a significant impact on future productivity. Nutreco communicates this through the concept 'Life Start sets Life Performance.' Providing calves with significantly higher levels of milk replacer than in conventional diets leads to healthier animals and faster growth. For more information:

Precision Feeding

NutriOpt: nutrition by the numbers

Nutreco is one of the examples of applications solutions. NutriOpt combines 50+ years of expertise and innovation from Nutreco in the areas of feed efficiency and application solutions. The nutritional tool integrates knowledge across these fields in such a way that enables customers to optimize both feed costs and production results to maximize financial benefits in their value chain.  It consists of a number of key elements that complement and support each other in optimizing animal nutrition, performance, and associated costs through precise realā€time analysis, modelling and calculation.

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Health & Welfare

Reviva: energy boost after calving

A few days before calving, many changes happen in the body of the cow. Due to hormonal changes the body is prepared for giving birth and the start of lactation.

After calving the cow needs to mobilise a lot of calcium. When this process is not functioning, the cow gets milk fever. Moreover, before and after calving the cow does not eat much and she loses a large amount of liquids and electrolytes. These need to be replenished, or the cow becomes weak and listless. By providing Farm-O-San Reviva once direct after calving, the cow revives quickly after the calving process and a positive start of lactation is given.

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Optimising Intestinal Health

Controlling intestinal health is of great importance for the well-being of an animal. In a challenging economic situation, with the need to reduce antibiotic usage, innovative solutions are required to control intestinal health in a sustainable way.

Stress plays a major role in disturbing the gut environment and setting up health challenges. A stable microbiota and a strong gut barrier are key in maintaining good health and preventing problems related to pathogens and toxins. The integrated approach is designed to raise profit by decreasing infection pressure and effectively helps to reduce antibiotics.

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Feed Efficiency

Reduce Vitamin E

Trouw AO-mix - natural, specially formulated anti-oxidant blends

Anti-oxidants are crucial to livestock's health. They provide the total protection which ruminants and monogastrics need to optimise fertility, offspring vitality, and immune system support.

Trouw AO-mixes can easily and effectively be used to replace other anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, by up to 50% in feeds. What's more, the mixes have been carefully compounded to ensure that all the anti-oxidants in the feed are even better digested, and their positive effects more widely distributed throughout the animal's system.

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Healthy start, better lifetime growth

In the last 10 years the average number of piglets per sow has increased with 25% in Western Europe, resulting in lighter and less homogeneous piglets.

The largest influence on piglets' growth, health and uniformity, is the intake of milk and feed in their first 42 days. Milkiwean stimulates a fast and high feed intake, giving the piglets an excellent start. See for more information

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For Poultry, in 2012 the Ecoponte/Ecolay programme was launched by Nutreco Canada. It resulted in feeding programmes that maintain egg production and efficiency, but markedly reduce nitrogen excretion of laying hens, due to the reduction in dietary protein levels.

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