Customer Trip to Bavaria

16 October 2018

Trouw Nutrition Ireland were delighted to bring a group of our valued customers on a study tour on calf milk replacers to Bavaria, Germany.

The trip started with a tour of the production facilities in Burgheim where Trouw Nutrition Germany manufacture quality Milkivit products, including calf milk replacer and energized calf milk.

The group then visited the Wufka farm, who demonstrated that attention to detail in calf nutrition and management results in an improvement in calf health. Then, a visit to Fottinger’s farm highlighted that feeding calves an elevated plane of nutrition before weaning results in better life productivity and longevity, as cows achieve a lifetime yield of over 100,000 litres.

The group also visited Estelmann’s farm, who have one of the highest genetic Simmental herds in Germany and trust Trouw Nutrition calf milk replacer to help their calves perform to their optimum.

During our trip, there was great discussion on management, health and nutrition of calves that resulted in a good learning experience. Trouw Nutrition appreciate the company of our guests in the study trip to Germany.