Grass and Minerals Conference 2019

30 May 2019

Trouw Nutrition Ireland held a series of conferences earlier this month, May 2019, on the topic of "Grass and minerals: using science for optimal animal performance."

Held over 2 days to accommodate our valued customers and invited guests from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the conference covered two key topics of relevance to the Irish feed industry.

Trouw Ireland's own Claire Beckett set out the results of our 'NutriOpt GrassWatch' programme; a 3 year study of how using Trouw Nutrition NutriOpt values can help identify potential solutions to excess ammonia in grass and also the large drops in butterfat experienced by many grazing systems.

Trace Mineral Nutrition

In the second part of the conference programme, Jason Barley from AFBI outlined the main trace mineral issues at farm level from a veterinary perspective and discussed the relevance of mineral testing of blood.

 Trouw Nutrition researcher Jean Baptiste Daniel introduced the most up to date information in Trace Mineral nutrition and Mr Kevin Perryman from Trouw Nutrition's Selko Feed Additives division presented the features and benefits of our new 'IntelliBond' range of innovative hydroxy trace minerals.

For further details about IntelliBond, NutriOpt, Grasswatch and any other aspect of the conference programme, please contact us on