Milkivit Energizer – All the benefits of whole milk plus…

25 November 2019

At Trouw Nutrition, we understand that many farmers choose to use whole milk to feed their calves for convenience, economic and traditional reasons.

However, it is important to understand that whole milk can exist in a number of forms such as

  1. Whole milk which can be sold for human consumption
  2. Waste milk that cannot be sold for human consumption. Waste milk can carry a risk of contamination from E. coli, BVD, Salmonella, Mycoplasma and Johnes, which has potential impacts on the health and performance of calves. As waste milk often contains antibiotic residues, feeding it to calves is a risk factor of the development of antibiotic resistance in your herd.

Milkivit Energizer had been designed with whole milk as the biological reference. Similar to whole milk, Energizer is high in fat (25%), ensuring the calf gets a high level of energy in every feed. The balance of vitamins and minerals within the formulation means that calves get the best possible LifeStart.

The consistency of manufacture of Energizer ensures safe feeding every time. The advanced technology of homogenization and spray-drying of small fat globules, replicates the natural fats found in cow’s milk. Thus, these encapsulated fat globules improve absorption and increase intakes for the calf - having a positive impact on calf health and performance.