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42 Products available

  • Sopralin

    Sopralin is a high quality vegetable protein, containing a high level of by-pass or Undegradable Dietary Protein (UDP). Sopralin has a valuable role in ruminant diets where UDP is a limiting factor.

  • Acid Guard

    For Optimal Rumen Acid Management - Acid Guard is a combination of ingredients to improve rumen efficiency and reduce the incidence of rumen acidosis.

  • Intensive Boostar

    Intensive Boostar is a product for use in intensive beef systems as a proven alternative to the banned antibiotic growth promoters . The product aims to ensure cattle achieve maximum Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE).

  • Maxcare Primer

    Priming cows for their next lactation. Maxcare Primer is a blend of key ingredients specifically included to help dairy cows prepare for their next lactation, by supplying adequate levels of energy, amino acids and vitamins and minerals

  • Sheep Mineral and Vitamin Drench

    A blend of Vitamins and Trace Elements specially formulated to meet the requirements of todays high performance ewes and lambs

  • Pregnasure

    Pregnasure is a scientifically formulated blend of carbohydrates and specific Omega-3 oils designed to optimise the quantity and quality of transferable embryos and improve conception rates for transferred embryos

  • Maxcare Fertility Booster

    A supplementary mineral for dairy cows to help maintain production and reduce issues which can affect fertility

  • Maxcare Heifer Developer

    A supplementary mineral for holstein heifers to help maintain growth and tissue development

  • Maxcare Precalver - Extra E

    A supplementary mineral for pre calving dairy cows to help support health and immune status in the cow and growth of the developing calf

  • Maxcare Ewe + E

    A supplementary mineral for Ewes to help support the immune system of the ewe and promote growth of the unborn lamb