Providing diets which meet the energy requirements of high yielding cows in early lactation can be difficult. The energy density of the ration is very important at this time. Traditional energy sources such as cereals and digestible fibre sources have limits in both energy content and feeding levels.
Maxfat, which has approximately 3 times the energy level of cereals, can be used effectively in these situations. It will increase the energy supply to the cow and avoid excessive intakes of cereals, which can lead to acidosis, a common problem in early lactation cows.


Maxfat contains 84% oil, 9% Calcium, 12% Ash and has an ME of 33MJ/kgDM. Maxfat is a high energy, highly digestible form of energy for ruminants.


Infertility or reproduction problems are now the main reasons given for culling cows out of the herd. Cows that loose too much bodyweight in early lactation generally have lower conception rates.
Feeding protected fats can help satisfy this energy demand and reduce the ‘energy gap’. Maxfat can be used to improve fat covers on hard to finish cattle such as young bulls and bullocks.

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