Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facility is modern and efficient. Our employees are highly trained and experienced to ensure the highest quality of product.

Our facility has three individual mixing lines

    • 1 medicated mixing line
    • 1 mixing line capable of manufacturing farm minerals
    • 1 clean mixing line

Our automatic packers are able to pack our products in a variety of packaging options and pack sizes

    • small bags : up to 25kg
    • bulk big bags : 300kg - 1000kg

We also have two bulk outloading bins completely dedicated to finished product.

Our in-house and Nutreco group laboratories provide a full laboratory service with accurate testing for ingredient investigation, monitoring and finished product quality control.  These tests form part of extensive testing schedule and include:

  • Random daily analysis of manufactured products
  • Monthly salmonella test on all mixers
  • Bi-annual mixer co-efficient tests on all mixers
  • Bi-annual carryover and cross contamination test on our medicated mixing line