Calling all farmers, veterinarians and nutritionists – applications now open!

Grant of €10,000 towards on-farm innovations and support package from our R&D team. 

Perhaps you’re a farmer who has enhanced enrichment opportunities, created a more comfortable environment or reduced stressors in the herd. Or maybe you’re a veterinarian or nutritionist who has implemented a new well-being or feeding strategy that’s positively impacted the productivity of the herd.


Driving innovation in dairy farming

Created to support dairy farmers, nutritionists and veterinarians who are serious about sustainable lifetime performance of their herd. The HealthyLife Grant offers up to €10,000 towards on-farm innovations that enhance the longevity, well-being and sustainability. Along with the chance to work with our cutting-edge research and development team to enhance your on-farm innovation.

We would like to hear about the great ideas that are taking place across Europe that not only improve the well-being of these cows, but also have a positive impact on sustainability.

It is not about the size of the innovation, but the impact it has on the herd, the community, or the environment.


Who can enter?

It’s open to dairy farmers, and veterinarians and nutritionists working with dairy herds 

Where in the world?

Entrants must be located in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Belgium, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey.

Apply Now

Apply below by the deadline: 20th Oct 2020 

Winners of the grant will be revealed at the HealthyLife Symposium in early 2021


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