Milk production

Milk volume is driven by the accumulation of lactose in the udder which in turn is influenced by the level of blood glucose. To maximise milk production, we need to optimise dry matter intake, energy and protein balance, mineral and vitamin balance, cow comfort and cow health

  • Dry matter intake – to maximise DMI cows should always have access to fresh, palatable feed. This involves providing adequate feed space, producing highly palatable and digestible forage and balancing the total diet to promote optimum rumen fermentation. Access to clean fresh water is essential.
  • Energy and protein balance – balancing the diet using Nutreco’s Rumenac parameters ensures the correct proportions of fermentable and bypass nutrients to optimise rumen function and milk production whilst reducing the risk of acidosis.
  • Mineral and vitamin balance – the high performance dairy cow has a requirement for adequate levels of macro and trace minerals and vitamins to maintain productivity and normal health status and to minimise the effects of stress.
  • Cow comfort – high performance cows require access to comfortable lying conditions, unrestricted movement to feed and water, adequate light and an environment which encourages expression of natural herd behaviour.
  • Cow health – a program of vaccination, parasite control, hoof care, nutrition and management should be implemented to ensure optimum cow health at all stages of lactation.