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Research and Development

Innovation is one of Trouw Nutrition's and Nutreco's core values.

Our innovation and R&D activities are driven by the belief that we must bring knowledge and technology to the market, faster and more effectively. And not only in markets with developed industrialised countries, but also in developing countries. We do this by translating world-class research and innovation into practical, sustainable nutritional solutions.

Over 100 experts conduct research in nutrition and its application in animal production for poultry, ruminant and swine. To do this research, Trouw Nutrition R&D has five major research centres in Canada, Spain and the Netherlands. To further validate and test our research results in practice, Nutreco has field research farms in many key markets.

Our in-house research is complemented with over 50 long-term research collaborations with scientific institutes across the globe.Collaboration and partnerships are a pre-requisite for speeding up the overall innovation development cycle. Nutreco has over 60 partnerships with universities and research institutes worldwide.

Trouw Nutrition R&D activities are closely aligned to the needs of the market. Application and Solution Centres in Europe and North America coordinate the interface between R&D and the operating companies of Nutreco to ensure an excellent fit between local needs and global nutritional solutions.

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