Products & Brands

The Trouw Nutrition range of products fully supports our unique combination of innovative & sustainable models and services to meet the needs of our customers in the feed-to-food chain in Ireland.

Trouw Nutrition Ireland produces and supplies a wide portfolio of global brands as well as having a local on-site manufacturing facility and formulation department, meaning that we can manufacture high quality, safe premixes and farm minerals to your specific requirements, as well as the standard Trouw products. 

Quality Assured

Our international and local purchasing departments ensure that we have access to all your raw material requirements; and that all the products we supply are sourced from suppliers with a recognised quality assurance accreditation.

NutraceĀ® is Nutreco's company-wide proactive programme to assure feed-to-food quality and safety and safeguards the quality of all Trouw Nutrition's products and services. 

The programme, complying with legislation and customer demands, is structured in five standards:

  1. Certified Quality & Food Safety: based on internal HACCP / HSEQ systems and external certifications such as UFAS; welcoming our customers to check operations and certificates
  2. Ingredient & Supplier Assessment and Management:  we only use approved feed ingredients and suppliers based on common risk assessment standards
  3. Monitoring & Control: we have harmonised sampling & analysis methods and a Nutreco-wide early warning and rapid alert system
  4. Risk Management: an issue and crisis management system to minimise risks and their impacts, supported by a global network of industry stakeholders
  5. Tracking & Tracing: keeping records of every input and process from feed ingredient purchasing to finished product delivery

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