Animal Health Products

Trouw Nutrition offers a range of animal health products, minerals and vitamin drenches to promote the development of a healthy gut micro-flora, as well as hoof and rumen conditioners. Our products are practical and easy to use and offer alternatives to prescribed antibiotics and veterinary medicines.

Farm-O-San is the Trouw Nutrition brand for nutritional animal health solutions and has developed a world-class portfolio of products and services designed to meet the requirements of regional and international markets. Nutritional animal health products are a particularly important part of our expertise.

Farm-O-San offers practical and easy to use products for all livestock farmers, feed producers and intermediaries that maintain the health of your farm animals. The entire Farm-O-San range is produced in an ISO & GMP + certified environment, which independently guarantees the food safety throughout the whole feed chain.

All Farm-O-San products are free of antibiotics or other medication.

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