Minerals & Premixes

A combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements which have been specifically formulated by our expert team of nutritionists to meet the needs of all animal species.

Farm minerals are produced for all species and  at the recommended feeding rates are designed to balance farm diets with correct levels of vitamins and minerals

The potential for mineral and vitamin imbalance is greater as production potential in all species of farmed livestock has increased. Sub-clinical deficiencies due to under feeding or antagonistic interactions can lead to reduced growth and production; equally excessive supply is costly and detrimental to the environment. Our team of experienced nutritionists ensure the correct balance of supply and demand in all our Farm Minerals.

Maxcare Minerals

Farm minerals and basemix

Maxcare is a convenience product for farmers (home-mixing and non home-mixing) and feed mills. Maxcare typically includes all required vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino-acids. While using Maxcare, separate dosing of individual micro-ingredients is no longer required.

Maxcare brings all micro-ingredients in one product, in perfect balance and homogeneously mixed in the feed. MaxCare offers well-balanced diets of consistent high quality, while minimising cost of feed and feed production. Maxcare’s science and convenience based products, underpinned by Trouw Nutrition’s support services, provide an optimal solution to animal nutrition requirements.

Our technical team can formulate a premix to your specific requirements or can advise on the most suitable product from our Maxcare and VMC ranges of standard premixes to meet all your requirements.