A cost-effective solution to partially replace vitamin E

Antioxidants are crucial to livestock’s overall health. The Selko® AOmix products are a range of natural, specially formulated antioxidant blends. They provide the protection that ruminants and monogastrics need to optimise fertility, offspring vitality, and immune system support.


  • Protects your animals against oxidative stress
  • Supports performance
  • Supports the immune system


  • Species specific blends
  • High bioavailability
  • Optimal distribution through the digestive tract
The oxidative status of animals is affected by many factors, including diet quality, heat stress, health status, and growth rate. These and other factors contribute to free radical formation. Excessive levels of free radicals can result in oxidative imbalance and stress. AOmix can help mitigate the impact of oxidative stress. 

Good bioavailability for optimal absorption

Ruminants and monogastrics have different types of stomachs which digest feed quite differently. If the supplement is not well-digested, fewer antioxidants are made available. Selko AOmix is available in two carefully developed blends - one for ruminants and another for monogastrics.

Optimal spreading for total protection

Another factor in an antioxidant’s effectiveness is its water vs. fat solubility, which can vary widely. The solubility is what determines where antioxidants are distributed in the body. Vitamin E, for instance, mainly delivers its antioxidant effect at the cell membrane and has less impact on the internal or external cell environment. The natural antioxidants in the two, specially formulated Selko AOmix blends have not only been selected for ideal digestibility, but they also cover the complete water-to-fat-soluble range to ensure optimal antioxidant activity in every part of the cell.
The result? Livestock that is more vital, fertile, and healthy from day one - and more productive for you.

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