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Making dairy farming more sustainable

The world’s population is increasing rapidly. In order for us to continue to be able to produce enough food to feed the planet in a sustainable way, we will need to utilise the full production potential of every farm animal. For dairy cows, this means increasing Lifetime Daily Yield, the average milk production per day of life, from birth to culling.

Lifetime Daily Yield can be increased by improving dairy cows’ transition to lactation; however, the amount of scientific information about managing this transition is simply overwhelming for many producers.

HealthyLife translates the latest science about dairy cow transition management into simple and practical protocols.

HealthyLife can offer support for the following challenges

  • Managing the transition to lactation
  • Managing hindgut health
  • Reducing negative energy balance
  • Managing the blood calcium level
  • Managing the calving process
  • Increasing milk solids
  • Improving fertility

Looking for more information about HealthyLife?

Check out our HealthyLife website, featuring information and extensive research on managing dairy cows’ transition to lactation.
HealthyLife programme for sustainable dairy farming

HealthyLife programme for sustainable dairy farming

The HealthyLife programme focuses on a cow’s transition to lactation. It is a practical, science-based programme that helps farmers increase cows’ lifetime daily yield and number of lactations by improving fertility, increasing milk yield per lactation and reducing involuntary culling.

Selko LactiBute

Selko LactiBute

Selko LactiBute is the result of years of systematic research and has been tried and tested on many different farms, all around the world. It is a patented product, with a unique mode of action, that reduces the effects of leaky gut, leading to improved energy partitioning.

Selko IntelliBond

Selko IntelliBond