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Feeding More Milk gives a clear and sustainable return, through robust, resilient and high performing dairy cows. LifeStart science shows that the additional cost of extra calf milk powder or whole milk in the first weeks of life is more than offset by improved animal health, improved animal performance, higher milk yields, lower cull rates and by better longevity. Allowing calves to drink to their natural capacity is also more environmentally sustainable.


Research trials have shown that by applying LifeStart scientific principles and feeding higher volumes of milk we can optimise calf,  heifer and cow performance leading to multiple benefits for the farmer.

Improved calf health

  • Optimises development and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Provides additional energy required to minimise the effects of enteric challenges

Improved calf performance

  • Higher average daily weight gain – trials have shown up to 300 grams of extra growth per day during the pre-weaning phase
  • Optimises development: the majority of organ development occurs within the first 50 days of life

Improved heifer performance

  • Earlier breeding with improved conception rates
  • Improved udder development to support future milk production

Improved cow performance

  • Improved production, fertility and survivability to 4th lactation
  • Higher milk production – trials have shown an increase of up to 400  litres of milk production in the first lactation
  • A lower culling rate during 1st and 2nd lactation
  • Maintenance of body condition score during peak production

Improved sustainability

  • Improved efficiency by optimising Lifetime Daily Yield 
  • Increasing the average Lifetime Daily Yield by reducing age at first calving, increasing milk production per lactation and increasing the number of lactations per cow


Dowload our guide to unlocking genetic potential

Unlocking Genetic Potential Guide
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For confidence your milk replacer is safe to feed at elevated levels look for the Lifestart logo
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For maximum growth, development and health potential choose an "Energized Calf Milk" for example our Milkivit EnergiZer


What is an Energized Calf Milk?

Energized Calf Milks (ECMs) have been carefully formulated based on our LIFESTART science research to have elevated planes of nutrition using whole milk as a biological reference. They have high energy for optimal development, resilience to disease, and longevity. The lower osmolality versus traditional calf milk replacers reduces the risk of abomasal bloat and calf scour.

  • LIFESTART Science endorsed
  • Osmolality of 350 mOsm/kg
  • 25% Quality, Digestible Fat
  • 22.5% Protein
  • 50% Skim

Milkivit Range

How to unlock genetic potential

Unlocking Genetic Potential
Feed More Energy
Colostrum: managing the first vital feed
Mineral Optimisation

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Feeding calves at unrestricted levels

Early life nutrition
Getting calves off to the best possible start and optimising pre-weaning growth are the foundations of lifelong health and performance, reduced age at first calving, lower total rearing costs and lower total farm emissions.

BSAS 2024: Advances in youngstock science

Early life nutrition
Trouw Nutrition are excited to once-again be chairing the youngstock session at this year's BSAS conference. Following on from last autumn’s Trouw Nutrition Lifestart Calf Symposium, the youngstock session at the annual BSAS conference has been curated to showcase the latest advances in youngstock science. 

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Our Youngstock team consists of:

Dr Aaron Brown - Commercial Nutritionist - Calves

Katie Tiernan - Calf Product Specialist

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