Unlocking Genetic Potential

Our LIFESTART science programme shows that calves should be fed elevated levels of high energy, low osmolality milk in the first months of life. This investment in early life nutrition gives a clear and sutainable return through higher growth rates, improved health, improved fertility and higher milk production.

LifeStart Science identifies that feeding at least 8 litres per day is a key factor in maintaining health and improving performance

High growth rates in the first few weeks of life have been shown to demonstrate long-term benefits on fertility, survivability and lactation performance providing a clear return on the investment in early life nutrition.

The key scientific principle behind the LifeStart Programme and the  observed increase in animal production is known as metabolic programming; whereby an animal’s productive potential as an adult is influenced by the growth achieved early in life.

In order to unlock the full genetic potential of the animal we must ensure their nutritional requirements are satisfied during early life, this in turn will support the development of a robust and resilient calf that provides the foundations for lifetime performance.

* Trouw Nutrition UK research 2022

How to unlock genetic potential

Feed More Energy
Feed More Milk
Colostrum: managing the first vital feed
Mineral Optimisation

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Feeding calves at unrestricted levels

Early life nutrition
Getting calves off to the best possible start and optimising pre-weaning growth are the foundations of lifelong health and performance, reduced age at first calving, lower total rearing costs and lower total farm emissions.

BSAS 2024: Advances in youngstock science

Early life nutrition
Trouw Nutrition are excited to once-again be chairing the youngstock session at this year's BSAS conference. Following on from last autumn’s Trouw Nutrition Lifestart Calf Symposium, the youngstock session at the annual BSAS conference has been curated to showcase the latest advances in youngstock science. 

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Our Youngstock team consists of:

Dr Aaron Brown - Commercial Nutritionist - Calves

Katie Tiernan - Calf Product Specialist

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